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Who are these people,
and why are they running for Cherokee County School Board?
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4 Can Do More
is not just a slogan or hashtag.

4 Can Do More
is a voice for the Parents of Cherokee County – Parents who have been silenced, ignored and belittled.
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Our Trust Betrayed
The Current School Board Must Change

What Is Taught in Our Schools
Is a Concern of Parents!
In May of 2021, Cherokee County was taken by surprise when it was announced that our “conservative” board voted to bring in Cecelia Lewis, as Administrator on Special Assignment, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).
However, her history was riddled with Critical Race Theory (CRT) ideologies in her previous school district. Why would the current board vote 7-0 to bring in someone to implement programs not in alignment with the family values of our community?
Why bring someone in from one of the lowest performing school districts in the country? It’s evident our superintendent has 7 votes in his pocket without any questions asked.
Yes! We Need Change!
Some Cherokee County citizens came together knowing that the path for change was to have four independent, like-minded individuals, with the same core values run together and challenge the superintendent and other board members on their decisions.
4 Can Do More is not just a slogan or hashtag, it is a voice for the parents of this county that have been silenced, ignored and belittled. With 4CanDoMore we can have a board majority that asks questions, a board that is transparent and unafraid, a board that reflects the family values of Cherokee County. 4 Can Do More, will make a difference with your support. #4candomore
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Vote May 24th!

Back the Candidates that Support and Listen to Parents!
Please contribute to the campaign of your Cherokee County School District:
Cam Waters
District 3
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Chris Gregory
District 4
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Sean Kaufman
District 5
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Ray Lynch, MD
District 6
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